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Useless app

You can't do anything in the app without purchasing another app. Waste of a download.


The creator of this app is stupid for charging people to see a map of all the states they have been to. Probably someone to lazy to work trying to score a free ride


I was excited to track my travels through the states until I found out you can't even access the map until you buy the paid version:(

Bait & Switch

You should at least put "in app purchase" if you're going to make a useless free app.


This app is terrible. The developer should be ashamed, at best the paid version is something you would see from like 15 years ago.

Don't use it

In the App Store it shows thing you can not access without spending money. Don't waste your time! Oh, this would be 0 stars but I have to put at least 1.


Thanks for making a checklist of states for the free app...Waste of time downloading. Should have trusted the rating.

Waste of time

Horrible app.


It doesn't give you the features it says it does you have to pay and you have to sign up I would not get this app


Can't even use the list functionality without registering.


Wish there was an option to rate 0 stars... DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Waist of time.



Bait and switch rip off

Map is shown as part of the download graphics for the free version, but is no available. This is pure, unadulterated fraud. App developer should be ashamed, but is likely not capable of that emotion.

No map access in free version

No map access in free version

You have to register? Fail.

That's all you need: put in your email and get spammed.

No good

Useless. Can't view the map w/o paying.


You can check off states, but have to pay to view the map!??? That's called a list. I can do that without this useless app.

Terrible app

Don't waste your time

This app is ok

It's ok, but it's missing a lot of things. First of all, you can't get to the map unless you purchase the full version, which is not worth the two dollars that it costs. The map was kinda the reason I downloaded this in the first place. Also it shows things like the quarter and flag and stuff but I think it'd be much more useful if it city names and pictures. You also can't check things off directly from the list and it makes you go into another menu and change things from there. It should really also allow you to change things directly from the map and not make you go into the list.

Neat to see what states I've been to

It's worth it to buy the paid version to see the map of where you've been

Must PAY for MAP

You have to pay for the map! (Requires in-app purchase)

Great Ap

I travel all the time and this ap is by far my favorite.

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